The Case for Going Abroad for Spring Break

Maxence Fulconis celebrates a fortnight far away.

What goes through your mind when you think of St Andrews?

Beaches, old buildings, Dervish (or Empire) after a night out. If you have been here a few years, you will most likely think of St Andrews as home. Home is a good place, a safe place. However, it is also a place filled with obligations, deadlines, angry tutors, and crazy professors. So whenever I get the chance (and have the necessary funds), I go abroad. It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic like the Caribbean or Japan, it can be somewhere as close as Edinburgh. Going abroad helps me relax, forget about my fifteen various essays / tests / exams / presentations due in a week that I have not even started yet and focus on enjoying myself.

Staying in St Andrews on a weekend is completely understandable, as weekends offer a limited timespan in which to travel. One slightly delayed flight or train during the weekend can often constitute a bomb going off, blowing up all the skilfully designed plans you spent ages making and leaving you alone with a feeling of dread as your travel arrangements go spiralling out of control. But what about spring break? In my mind, there is really no excuse to stay in St Andrews during spring break. No matter the number of deadlines in the middle of the vacation, no matter the yearn to stay in a comfortable bed in a cosy room with nothing to do for two weeks. Most of us here in St Andrews have come from another country. Most of us would not be here if we did not love discovery, new experiences and travelling. Going abroad during spring break helps us to continue to embody this St Andrean spirit of adventure.

So of course everyone should go abroad for spring break, whether it is taking a trip to Edinburgh or going to Tokyo, it will be worth it for all the discoveries, all the experiences and all the joy you get out of it. Sure, you might regret it later when the deadlines hit, but let’s look at the long term implications of this. Once you graduate, after St Andrews becomes nothing but a distant memory, you’re going to look back on the time you spent at university. This will either be a time you can look back on as filled with travelling and fun, characterised by experiences you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life, or a period devoid of joy, stuck at home doing nothing.

It is your choice, but I think you can guess which I would recommend.I would recommend exploring the world.



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