“Unspoken” Creates a Dialogue

Kelly Lynch reviews a recent OTR event.

As a part of On the Rocks 2017, Medsin St Andrews held an art exhibition “Unspoken”, in the Dean’s Court common room. The event focused on tackling the stigma associated with mental health issues, especially suicidal ideations in young men and loneliness among the elderly. The exhibition consisted of paintings, photography, and written poems.

The artwork exhibited varied between describing personal struggles and different societal perceptions of life with mental illness. Additionally, student musicians performed live music, and talks were given by Graham Morgan, MBE, from HUG-Action for Mental Health, who discussed his own experience with mental health and the charity he works for. Two student representatives from Nightline also spoke, discussing their work as part of the charity in St Andrews.

After the talks, attendees could walk through the exhibition and admire the artwork or simply relax and enjoy the live music. “Unspoken” was a wonderfully diverse and insightful art exhibition that both challenged current perceptions of and expressed various people’s experiences with mental illness, and I look forward to future events held by Medsin St Andrews.

Medsin St Andrews is the local chapter of Medsin, which is a student network and charity focused on tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy, and community outreach.



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