Re:Fashion Raises Its Game

Chiara Wilkinson reviews the latest collection from re:fashion.

I’d heard about re:fashion at Freshers’ Fayre, but never got around to actually checking it out. This year however, I decided to investigate as both a buyer and a seller. For those who aren’t aware, re:fashion is a student run platform which organises shopping events. It gives people the opportunity to sell their old clothes and to revitalise their wardrobes, offering second-hand yet high quality garments for extremely reasonable prices.

As a self proclaimed clothes hoarder with a wardrobe which desperately needed cleared out – as well as a bit of a bargain hunter – the concept very much appealed to me. I liked the sustainable aspect to the project, and how its sleek branding and aesthetic presented something of a higher-fashion second-hand, somewhere to find used garments which might be rare in charity shops. I decided to dig out some clothes to sell, and to go along to the event last Wednesday evening in Parliament Hall.

As a seller, I was very impressed with the service and efforts of the re:fashion team in collecting and preparing my clothes. They give you the opportunity to suggest your own prices and offer a “pick up” service – something I took full advantage of, having a heavy bag of clothes and dreading dragging it into town from DRA. At the event itself, I saw some of my items on sale, newly labeled and re:fashion branded. If you fancy making a bit of money, or if the ball dress you wore once at Opening Ball is now hanging unworn and neglected in your wardrobe, I seriously recommend selling your clothes through re:fashion.

The packed event was well laid out and had a wide variety of both brands and types of clothes. They were arranged by garment: There was a table full of knitwear, a table stacked with heels, a rail of going out pieces, and a pile of jeans, a set-up which worked well if you were hoping to find something specific. I’d recommend getting there as early as possible, so that you have the full selection of stock to choose from.

Because there was such a selection of clothes on offer, it would often take a bit of rummaging and raking to find something to your exact taste, although it was worth it for the bargains. I spotted a new pair of Doc Martens and a pastel blue Ralph Lauren jumper for as little as £4. There was an area for trying on and the option to pay by cash or card, truly transforming Parliament Hall into a pop-up clothing store. The Sassy Coconut had a stall selling vegan and gluten free goodies, and many shoppers were seen nibbling on slices of nutella cheesecake and homemade snickers bars whilst they were browsing. Music was playing and people were very much socialising as they shopped, comparing pieces or showing off their new buys, creating a very laid back and friendly atmosphere.

The event appeared to be incredibly successful, and goes to show that you don’t always need to splash out on a big ASOS order to find your new go-to. The idea behind re:fashion is strong and continues to be brought alive by the enthusiastic response from students taking part in selling and buying clothes. Bring on AW17.



16 thoughts on “Re:Fashion Raises Its Game

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