Minick Now Open Seven Days a Week

In response to high demand, the butcher will open its doors on Sundays.

Minick of St Andrews Butchers is now open seven days a week. Minick is an artisan butcher’s shop, the only one of its kind in St Andrews. With five retail shops in the Northeast Fife, they offer a level of produce and service that are second to none. The butchers at Minick are always happy to talk and discuss about where each cut of meat is from and which one would be best for each customer’s needs. 

In addition to meat, the butcher shop provides takeaway lunches – most notably steak baguettes for a mere £3.99. In case this price is still too steep, anyone can follow Minick on Instagram for the chance to win a free steak baguette later in the week.

Photo: Natasha Franks

Located at 47 Bell Street, Minick provides their meat to Blackhorn, Aikmans, Playfair Restaurant & Steakhouse, St Andrews Brewing Co., Tailend, Gorgeous, West Port, and the St Andrews Waffle Company.  Most recently, Minick’s Butchers was a hit at the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament in the form of Blackhorn’s burgers. 

Recently, Minick has partnered with Stagison to provide St Andrews with authentic Scottish venison. Stagison is the only venison abattoir in Scotland. The venison can be purchased from Minick or from Blackhorn (as the “Staghorn” burger, a healthier alternative to beef burgers).

Being open seven days a week instead of six has increased business for Minick.  Locals have praised this development, with one particular customer commenting that “Sunday is a very important day.  The customer continued to comment on the importance of a large Sunday lunch for her family, and that now cooking has been made much easier. Before this, the customer had to call ahead of time and reserve whatever meat she wanted in advance so that it was ready for Sunday. 

This is a game changer, that not only customers will appreciate, but equally the local businesses that are dependent on the finest quality of meet that is Minick. 



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