The Stand’s Official Chips Crawl

Who needs friendos when you’ve got potatoes.

Rascals: We begin on North Street, at everyone’s favourite American-style dive bar. Known for its notorious Poppa’s Revenge Burger Challenge, a portion of Rascals’ sweet potato fries makes for a tasty start to our culinary journey. Drink paring: Cosmopolitan 

The Vic: Pub by day, club by night, The Vic is rarely visited in daylight hours. That said, their food menu is surprisingly lengthy, Order a serving of chips and resist giving in to the temptation of a burger for now. We still have a long way to go. Drink pairing: Crushed Strawberry Fizz

Tailend: Take heed, vegetarians – these potatoes are not veggie friendly. Fried in beef drippings, the chips are dangerously addictive, particularly considering the fact that the restaurant offers unlimited portions. Best stick to just one basket for today’s tasting session. Drink pairing: Tailend Royale 

Nandos: Cheeky? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely. Douse your fries with Nandos’ signature Peri Peri sauce. Drink pairing: Savanna Cider 

Cromars: Just a stone’s throw from Nandos, Cro- mars has the added benefit of outdoor seating. Grab a takeaway box and bask in the sun while you anticipate your next move. Drink pairing: Eden Mill 19th Brew

BlackHorn: It’s difficult to explain what makes these fries so good – the chunkiness, the golden colouring, the faint remnants of oil glistening on each slice. Expect to find your second wind here. Drink pairing: Sam Adams

The Rule: A staple of all regulation pub crawls, The Rule’s cavernous halls provide ample room for any social. Their chips aren’t particularly remarkable, but their cocktail menu is a thing of wonder. Drink pairing: Raspberry Mojito

The Adamson: It’s the classiest place on this list by far, and you may be feeling a bit bloated, but their skinny fries with truffle oil cannot be overlooked. Drink pairing: East Side

Dervish: Realistically, you aren’t going out tonight. Your body is bursting, and your head is probably swimming. Eat your cheesy chips alone and make good use of that gym membership starting tomorrow. Drink pairing: Water



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