Talkin’ Sports with our Athletic Union President

The most important person in university sport, Tom Abbott, speaks with someone who’s somewhat relevant to university sport.

When I first came to St Andrews, I thought Saints Sport was a faith group. Turns out it’s actually the organisation that manages all university sport and fitness programmes. Who knew? To find out more about it, I spoke to its president, Tom Abbott.

What can we look forward to this year from the Athletic Union?

Tom Abbott: The hope is that this year you will see a very well run Athletic Union, which has good lines of communication between itself and its clubs. We also have a vastly expanded media team, which hopefully will result in an extremely professional Athletic Union as well. It would not surprise me if we have one of the best (if not the best) student media teams in the UK.

Which upcoming sports events are THE events that everyone should try to get to?

TA: The big event is VARSITY! Although admittedly it is on today, it is the one that everyone should endeavour to come along to. Failing that, our monthly Sinners nights on Wednesdays are an excellent opportunity to let your hair down and relax with other members of your sports club!

Why should freshers get involved with the Athletic Union?

TA: There are so many things to do within the AU; whether it be club sport (we have 60, ranging from golf to kendo), hall sport, exercise classes, or the Saints 6-a-side leagues. Studies show that your own well-being is directly improved by undertaking physical activity in any form, so head out there and make the most of it!!

Is there really a sports club for everyone?

TA: Considering we have 60 clubs, I do think there is a sports club available for everyone. However, if you don’t think there is – start one! We are always adding new clubs to our midst (this summer saw weightlifting and parkour affiliated to the AU), so pop me ([email protected]) an email if you’re looking to start your own club!

How can we find out more about Saints Sport?

TA: The best way would be to check out the website ( – we have tonnes of info on there, including a fixtures portal and all the info you can need on our clubs and how to contact them. If ever you need more information though, again please feel free to email myself!

And finally, which sports club is really the best?

TA: That’d be telling – I’m not allowed to have favourites! I’d be jumped on by the other clubs.



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