Winning Women Set to Return with Another Winning Year

The Lumsden Club presents a fresh lineup of speakers from a variety of fields.

Considering St Andrews has a significant female majority, it is somewhat disappointing that women are frequently underrepresented in a social scene crowded with all-male organisations. The Lumsden Club, founded in 2001, seeks to support women through fundraising events and networking opportunities, all while raising money for international charities.

An event that exemplifies this mission is the annual Wining Women Conference. First launched in 2016, the conference consistently attracts an impressive array of speakers – women who have broken through the glass ceiling and achieved incredible professional success.

As of today, the lineup includes Dianne Ledingham, a director in Bain’s Telecom, Media and Technology practice areas; Hilde Hukkelerg, a UK-based director at Innovation Norway; and Valerie Bannert-Thurner, the Global Head of Risk & Surveillance Solutions at NASDAQ. The Lumsden Club tells us that the final speakers, who will be announced in the coming days, will be representatives from the fields of fashion and media.

At £12 per ticket, the conference provides an invaluable look at being a woman in the world of business. Past years have allowed students of both sexes to network with the speakers and ask them one-on-one questions, further personalising the experience. Tickets for the conference go on sale at noon today, with the event set for Monday October 2 at Parliament Hall.



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