PIMMS Reviewed – Take 2


Regardless of the fact that the event is held in late September, the Lumsden Club’s “PIMMS Refilled”, has been advertised as the end of summer for two consecutive years, encouraging guests to wear their “best summer outfits, or even peculiar hawaiian shirts”. This year the seasonal theme shone through particularly well in the decor, as upon entry to the Rule attendees were greeted by the opportunity to take a photograph with the backdrop of a PIMMS branded parasol and a giant beach ball. Drunk people can’t be trusted with anything, and said beach ball was inevitably thrown around the room, bouncing over the dancing crowds. Colorful plastic sunglasses were scattered for guests to grab, which were a simple, yet creative addition to the summer atmosphere. A British flag was displayed alongside a Lumsden banner, paying homage to both the club and the liquor’s origins.

Photo: Lightbox Creative, Maddie Bazil

The allure of “PIMMS Refilled” is self explanatory – PIMMS refills all night. The event sold out quickly, and at 12/13£ a ticket all proceeds went to The Lumsden Club’s chosen charity: Fife Women’s Aid. One of the main selling points of the event was the “PIMMS pong”, set up on the tables in the back of the Rule. Despite the abundance of PIMMS, this aspect of the event was slightly underutilized, with only a handful of guests partaking in the game. However, this by no means hindered the atmosphere of the event, as crowds were enjoying themselves and the energy of the room was up. The women of the Lumsden club were undeniably the hypemen of the night, dancing, greeting guests, and making sure no PIMMS cups were empty. They looked as good as they felt, and were easily spotted, wearing Lumsden Club shirts and fantastic baseball caps specially branded Lumsden PIMMS.



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