Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Win with women, down it at dervish, and ball so hard.

1. Winning Women Conference 2017

As usual, the Lumsden Club’s conference sold out in under an hour. Lucky ticket holders can head to Parliament Hall on Monday to see some of the industry’s top women explain their success.

2. Down It at Dervish

In a callback to one of their iconic past events, the Fine Wine & Cheese Society returns for the classiest evening Dervish has ever seen. Break out your black tie for this Tuesday evening.

3. Szentek Launch Party 2: The Electric Launch-aloo

Szentek continues to defy convention – first by releasing event tickets as early as last year, and now by offering a free ticket to the best dressed launch party guest. Dress to impress on Wednesday at the Vic.

4. Race2 Barcelona Ticket Sales

It’s described by many as a member of the “St Andrews bucket list.” Race2 is certainly memorable, so you adventurous lot can queue up in Club 601 on Thursday to secure your spot.

5. Opening Ball 2017

Last but most certainly not least, the first official black tie event of the year. Whether you’re a wide-eyed first year or jaded fourth year, Lower College Lawn will host a magical night.



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