Term Time Fashion: Blending Functionality with Style

The stress of Week 3 and reality of Uni may call for a reconsideration of daily attire.

Freshers’ Week annually sees students putting their best foot forward in terms of fashion and appearance. New incoming students seek to make lasting first impressions, while the more seasoned students endeavour to start out the new term as they mean to go on: with preparation, diligence, and a really snazzy pair of shoes. However, with the onslaught of lectures and coursework, combined with a significant dose of reality, a marked change in the collective St Andrews dress code can inevitably be seen.

First and foremost, we look to the aforementioned snazzy pair of shoes. Post-freshers fashion can be seen to incorporate a much more realistic taste in footwear. The freshly polished high-heeled boots and unblemished Adidas trainers go into brief hibernation in favour of low-heels, such as Doc Martins or Chelsea boots, and somewhat scruffier walking shoes (the remnants of Starfields etched into the crevices of many a once-polished Adidas superstar).

As one dodges the perilous puddles dotting North Street and the slippery cobblestones of Market Street, their eyes may skim upwards from the traffic of damp feet before them to notice that the bare legs and skin-tight black jeans of Freshers week have been replaced- largely with sheer black or woolly tights, or comfier loose styles such as mom jeans and flowy skirts. The infamous style of St Andrews remains, but channels a more relaxed and unfinished style, with a sprinkling of 9 am lecture blues.

Photo: Pexels

With the initial false promise of the sunshine and warmth of Freshers’ regrettably blown away with the signature flair of the Scottish gale force winds, layers and scarves have made a big return. However, the disappearance of your exposed skin doesn’t necessarily mean your style must also retire from public view. If anything, it provides an opportunity to get more creative with your everyday style. Before expelling those crop tops to the darkest corners of your wardrobe, try layering them over long sleeve t-shirts and thinly woven turtlenecks for a look that is not only stylish, but also functional and effective. Similarly, match the Levi shorts and denim skirts of summer with tights and a pair of knee-high socks and boots.

In terms of men’s fashion on campus, there has also been an evident transition from the denim jackets and fitted trousers of Freshers to more sensible zip up Harrington jackets and kaleidoscopic, eye-catching bomber jackets (purchased quite possibly at the recent pop-up Vintage Market in Club 601) paired with casual jeans or dark trousers, much more forgiving of the wet climate (and, indeed, the odd late-night-library coffee-spill). In terms of accessories for lads and lassies alike, more laptop friendly backpacks have replaced the inefficient off-the-shoulder handbags.

Photo: Pexels

Baseball caps are still visible on some, with others trading in for woolly hats or patterned, silk hairbands. All in all, whether you’re a determined donner of all things designer and deficient, or a sage supporter of the more suitable attire, rest assured that the incoming semester doesn’t need to hinder your fashion-forward expression. Get creative, layer up, and make sure to keep warm and dry- especially for those of you still suffering from “Freshers’ Flu,” despite it being Week 3. 



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