Student Finds Stranger Passed Out in His Bed

Yes, it’s an American.

A St Andrews student has reached national news after finding a stranger in his bed.

According to the Daily Mail it took Kyle Mannon, a second year Computer Science and Psychology student, more than an hour to remove the gatecrasher from his bed.

Photo: Daily Mail Online

The encounter reportedly took place in Kyle’s student accommodation and he posted a video of the exchange online as a warning to other students to lock their bedroom doors.

It is believed the unknown individual let himself into Kyle’s room during the course of a party being held in the student flat.

Kyle and his friends had noticed the man passed out on their kitchen floor but thought nothing of it.

He is reported to have said: “’I just kind of left him here and we all moved to the common room but eventually when I came back and returned to my room he was back, but in my bed.”

In the video recorded by Kyle, the unwelcome guest can be seen repeatedly climbing back into his bed despite being dragged to the floor and asked to leave multiple times.

Photo: Daily Mail Online

The two men clashed and reportedly Kyle said: “I wouldn’t have been mad if he just got out and left when I said but I tried so many times so I threw the water at him.”

Such measures proved unsuccessful and Kyle can be heard in the video saying: “He’s still trying to get into bed. This is my bed. I’ll just pull him out again. This one can’t be asleep.”

The stranger was caught on camera getting aggressive towards the student as he resisted Kyle’s attempts to remove him from his room.

He can be seen saying: “What the f**k is wrong with you? Get your f**king hands off me” in an American accent.

The situation was resolved after wardens were called to assist in removing him.

It proved difficult for them too, taking another twenty minutes before they were able to give Kyle back his bed.

No harm was done it seems and according to the Daily Mail, Kyle and his friends found the event to be odd but funny.

He said: “My friends all found the whole thing funny but it was definitely the strangest experience I’ve had here.”



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