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Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Let’s all independently learn, together.

1. Raisin Foam Fight

You’re probably reading this as it happens, but at 11 am on Monday, Raisin culminates in a world famous foam fight. Wear goggles.

2. Study

You know what’s cooler than getting drunk and doing drugs? A really good book.

3. Try BlackHorn’s Pumpkin Spice Milkshake 

Already known for their delicious shakes, BlackHorn has stepped things up with the introduction of a phenomenal pumpkin spice creation. Limited time only.

4. Travel 

Seeing the world is the best kind of independent learning.

5. Hang Out With Me 

All my friends are doing cool things please get coffee with me

5. Carve Pumpkins

Take advantage of shorter queues at Tesco to buy yourself a pumpkin and start the Halloween hype.



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