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St Andrews Streets Top Hits for Traffic Wardens

Fife council figures put St Andrews top for parking tickets in Fife.

More than 400 drivers received parking tickets on North Street between July and September, according to figures from Fife Council.

Tickets from the busy street accounted for more than 7% of the total issued in Fife, with South Street second on the list with 323 tickets issued.

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Councillor Brian Thomson told the The Courier that traffic wardens were a necessity for keeping the town centre running smoothly.

He said: “One of the reasons that we need charges is because we have a lot of tourists and the town is just so busy, especially in summer.

“It does generate income of course but we need charges or it would become a free for all. Visitors would leave their cars all day and students would park all week.”

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Tony McRae, a lead professional for the council, added that the number of people looking to park in St Andrews town centre meant that traffic wardens were essential.

He said: “North Street is a very busy street with high vehicle occupancy rates for its parking bays.

“There is also a high turnover of vehicles with an average of 90 minutes spent parked per vehicle in the charged areas.

“This means that over the course of a day a parking space could have several vehicles parked in it.”

Wardens issued a total of 5,698 tickets across Fife between July and September, with the potential to raise over £340,000.

Mr McRae also said: “As is the case throughout Fife if motorists obey the parking regulations then they will not receive a parking fine.”



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