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Top 5 Things to Do This Week


1. Accenture Mock Assessment Centre

On Thursday,Women in Work will be hosting a mock assessment centre, a cornerstone of many job applications. The networking event will feature representatives from Accenture, making it a prime career climbing opportunity.

2. Welly Ball CWMT Charity Talk 2017

You’ve been to the ball, now find out what it was all about. This evening Welly Ball is hosting a talk with their longtime charitable partner, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.


“The hit rock show Bare tells the story of life at a boarding school where students reconcile who they are and who they want to be, struggling to find salvation in the face of questioning sexuality.” We can’t do the show any more justice than this description.

4. Go Funk Yourself – Christmas Special

It’s a sequel two years in the making. Go Funk Yourself was the original club night at The Rule. Now, it’s back to bring you some 70s-infused Christmas cheer.

5. The Mermaids Christmas Ball

Whether you paid £200 on the black market or got a lucky break in the online sales, this is not an event to miss. As the final blowout of the year, Christmas Ball will bring the house down before the reality of exams sets in.



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