What is Fashionable to Wear This Exam Season

We’ve passed the chills of Halloween, but now we are entering the real chill of Winter.

With the weather as unpredictable as ever in St Andrews, and the biting cold kicking in until any reprieve in around April time, the coat is probably one of the most worn pieces of clothing you’ll wear during your time here. Now is a good a time as ever to start pulling out those seasonal wardrobe favourites for the coming months.

Currently, there are a number of options which would make you stand out walking down Market Street, the Library or even West Sands. Firstly, the cashmere. Classy and chic, this option has become more popular in recent years. It is perfect for the ever-changing winter weather as it is more prone to layering. It is also flattering and can easily be converted into a casual outfit by wearing a hoodie or jumper. Alternatively, a more stylish look can be achieved by wearing a blazer or turtleneck under the coat.

Source: (Rebecca Holmes)

Secondly, the puffer. A classic option which is great for extra insulation. No more fretting about layering up and the stress of undressing in the warmer lecture theatre, as with a puffer the insulation is enough to keep you toasty with just simply a shirt underneath.

Thirdly, there’s the trench. As a more feminine choice, this option allows for flexibility. It can be buttoned up or down, paired with skinny ankle length black trousers, or over a colourful dress or skirt.

Source: (Rebecca Holmes)

My favourite has to be the fur. Although a little on the expensive side, it is well worth the buy.  Warm and fluffy, elegant and casual, there’s room for experimenting as it goes with virtually any outfit!

By this point, it is necessary to address the stress of dressing up here in public places. With popular communal facilities like the library, where its instant and suffocating heat hits you from your first step in the door, it is hard to find an outfit to accommodate such a transition. Instead of jeans, how about culottes, flares or even harem trousers? Alternatively, how about a dress. I’m not talking anything fancy, but jumper dresses are bound to give you a smart casual look.  Further, it does not have to be plain. Opting for a striped, tartan or gingham look instead of the usual plainness will add flair and finesse.

On the flipside, chinos or corduroy are popular for men as an alternative to jeans. Men do have it a little easier but there is one bit of advice I would like to give to all and that I myself have latched onto quick as a first year. Whatever you do here in St Andrews, it’s not a common move to dress in Nike joggers or a sporty tank top around town. Not only will you most definitely be sweating like a pig in communal areas in your desperate attempt to feel cosy and warm, but it will give off the impression of unpreparedness and laziness. There’s an array of substitutes which can make you feel just as comfortable and a hundred times more sophisticated, particularly when paired with the right coat.

So the weather at this time of year is always the awkward conversation filler or the first thing your tutor says when you walk into the room. Whatever you do when it hits December, don’t let this winter in St Andrews ruin you’re your inner creativity when it comes to your own style.



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