New Semester, New You: Expectations vs Reality

Old habits die hard and despite the good intentions, we all know we’ll never change.

Something about the combination of a new year and new semester means I really want to turn myself into a better person, and I’ve set myself some pretty high standards for how to live my life over the next few months. Unfortunately, no matter how good the intentions, old habits die hard …



Expectation: I wake up bright and early ready to start the day.

Reality: I sleep through my alarm.



Expectation: I make myself a healthy breakfast of porridge and top it with chia seeds, those omegas are great for brain function!

Reality: I sleep through my second alarm.



Expectation: I’ve showered, picked out a nice outfit, and am on my way to my first class.

Reality: Still asleep.



Expectation: Finished my lecture, and now I’m working in the library.

Reality: Finally awake, but I’ve spent the last 30 minutes scrolling through insta in bed.



Expectation: Still in the library and enjoying the nutritious packed lunch I prepared last night.

Reality: I venture downstairs to see what we have in the kitchen. Unfortunately no one’s been shopping so my options for lunch are a questionable looking onion, or dry cereal.



Expectation: I go to a study date with a friend. Although we have a nice catch up, we also manage to get lots of work done and I’m feeling very prepared for my tutorial this afternoon now.

Reality: I walk into town to meet my friends for coffee. We were going to prep for our tutorial but turns out none of us have done the reading, so we just gossip instead.



Expectation: My tutorial went really well and my tutor seemed pleased with the points I was making!

Reality: I sat in complete silence for an hour, desperately avoiding eye contact with anyone.



Expectation: I cook dinner with my flatmates. We make curry from scratch and have fresh fruit for dessert.

Reality: Still no food in the house so we get Deliveroo.



Expectation: I’ve done all the work I wanted to today, so I reward myself by going out for a couple of drinks in the pub.

Reality: Everyone is getting ready for a night out but I’m staying in to work because I’m so behind on everything.



Expectation: Drinks were nice but now I’m back home and tucked up in bed, ready for my 9am tomorrow.

Reality: I said I would stay home to work this evening but all I’ve done is watch friends on Netflix. I should have just gone out.



Expectation: I am just dropping off to sleep, comforted by how productive the day has been.

Reality: Sod it. I’m going out. Two pablos and I’ll be blackout in 20 minutes.



Expectation: Sweetly dreaming.

Reality: Only just stumbling in. Turned all my alarms off. Going to class can begin next week.



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