Kitchen Hacks to Keep You Happy

We all know how stressful cooking can be.

If you are like me, when I first attempted to start cooking food for myself I quickly realised that the kitchen was more my foe than a friend. For many of us, University is the first time we start preparing meals for ourselves, and while some people might be naturally talented at cooking, most of us are struggling to just peel boiled eggs. Fortunately, here are five borderline genius hacks that chefs and non-chefs alike can use to master the kitchen.

Cut Onions Without the Waterworks

Why do onions make us cry in the first place? Well, it’s all due to unstable chemicals that are released when you crush, smash, or chop onions. However, freezing onions will slow the release of the chemical irritants, so go sub-arctic and prepare for a tear free kitchen session (at least from the onions – this unfortunately will do little for your personal problems, unless your issues revolve around room temperature onions).

Ripen Your Fruit Faster by Putting Them in a Brown Paper Bag with a Banana

This hack from the famous hot-headed Gordan Ramsay will help you speed up the ripening process so you can enjoy your fruit sooner. Instead of waiting for days to eat your juicy and soft nectarine, stick it in a paper bag with a single banana and it will ripen in no time.

Chill your Wine with Frozen Grapes


 You forgot to put the Sauvignon blanc in the freezer and your dinner guests will be here any minute. All wine connoisseurs know that you either serve white wine chilled or not at all. To avoid this faux pas, keep frozen grapes in your freezer, heck you drink wine enough to always follow this rule. Drop the grapes into your guests’ wine glasses to quickly chill the wine without diluting it.

Mini hack: If for some reason you can’t finish that bottle of wine, pour the remains into an ice-cube tray. These wine cubes will go perfect in a pitcher of sangria.


Egg-cellent Hacks

Eggs are a staple in breakfast, so knowing some hacks about them is always handy. First, if you are out of eggs and are making some sweet treats, substitute ½ of a banana per egg – this is also a great vegan option!

Another hack would be to add ½ teaspoon of baking soda when you are boiling eggs for easy-peel boiled eggs.

Finally, have you ever gotten egg shell in your egg? Wet your finger to easily remove it from the egg white or yolk.

Peel Garlic in Seconds

Assuming your garlic is relatively ripe, place the head of garlic in a medium size plastic food container and shake relatively hard for about 30 seconds. Your garlic should now be separated from the skin, and now your fingers don’t have to smell like you want to ward off vampires.



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