Severe Weather Brings St Andrews to a Halt

Tuesday 27th February saw St Andrews covered in a rare blanket of snow, with the cold weather increasing this morning.

Photo: Georgia McMillan

Snow in this little town by the sea is apparently so rare that the Met (Meteorological) issued red weather alert has sent the University into shutdown.

A sign in the library stated this morning that the premises would close at 5 p.m. due to severe weather conditions. However, a bit after noon, the library announced over the loudspeaker that, “Due to the Met office issuing a red weather warning for St Andrews we will be closing all library sites at 2 pm to ensure staff safety.”

This disruption to library opening times was followed by an email being sent out to students by the University Procter Lorna Milne informing them of the weather warning and stating that they had “urged all staff outwith St Andrews to go home while it is still safe to do so, and not to travel in tomorrow morning.”

Student Katie Hastings stated that her tutorial this morning had already been cancelled due to the snow and many more elements of teaching are expected to face disruption in the coming days.

Photo: Georgia McMillan

Emails sent out by various schools have advised students that, “Following notification from Estates… due to the adverse weather conditions that are expected all teaching and administration buildings including the Art Building will be locked from 1:30pm Wednesday and will remain closed through Thursday 1st March.”

Following their initial announcement regarding the 2 p.m. closing time, at 1:18 p.m. today the Library staff announced that they would, “assess conditions tomorrow morning and if the weather allows we will reopen tomorrow at midday.”

St Andrews is not the only one to be hit by this storm, snow in London and severe weather all throughout Britain has delayed train services and closed major roads.

Photo: Met Office

Several major news outlets and government agencies are monitoring the weather on both official websites as well as social media.

The Guardian has been keeping citizens updated on weather conditions and what to do in this situation.

One article stated that, ”Stein Connelly, Traffic Scotland’s operations manager has [on twitter] urged Scots to leave work early to avoid the worst of the snow this afternoon and this evening. He pointed out that the red extreme weather warning applies from 3pm on Wednesday to 10am on Thursday.”

Although March is round the corner, it looks as though this Scottish winter is not quite over and for the next few days it is advised that people stay warm, stay home and check weather conditions before traveling.

Weather updates can be found on the Met website here: .



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