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In Defense of the Classics

Why there’s nothing wrong with not following trends

I’ve never been described as edgy. I’ve never been described as fashion forward. I’ve never even been described as the occasional fashion risk taker. San Francisco, where I’m from, is no New York or Paris but it is still known for it’s more eccentric fashion to go with it’s eccentric characters. So how do I justify my short, black, boots, skinny jeans, sweaters and Barbours as the entirety of my wardrobe? How do I justify the simplicity of the preppy look when there are so many other amazing ones out there? Well, there are a couple reasons I think keeping it simple when it comes to fashion is the best way to go.

Keeping my wardrobe classic and simple, even in terms of the colorus, a lot of grey, blues and blacks, makes sense because I’m always ready for business casual. The other day I found myself headed to my study abroad interview and remembered halfway there that the email had said business casual. My heart seized up for a moment until I realised that was what I was already wearing because that’s what I’m always wearing. One less thing to worry about. I took a breath and kept going.

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Growing up, before I settled into my Keeping-It-Simple phase, I made many fashion mistakes. Be it trying to wear white after Labor day (or is it before??) because I hadn’t realised Labour Day had passed (or hadn’t??), trying to pull on high-tops with skinny jeans that refused to stay inside the shoes, or wearing fun floral prints that, upon reflection, made me look like a poorly tended garden, it’s safe to say I have many regrets. By keeping my fashion simply and easy that’s virtually impossible. It’s hard to regret wearing a grey sweater or blue jeans. Keeping to solid colours and colours that I know look good on me means that I don’t have to worry about something haunting me later nor do I have to worry about looking unpresentable in a situation. It’s hard not to look put together when your constant look is meeting ready.

I never need to change my wardrobe. Fashion fads come and go but money in my bank account doesn’t. By keeping to my fashion, maybe occasionally buying a new white sweater with a different cut to go with my same jeans and desert boots, I’m able to save money and spend it on other things like traveling or friends birthday presents.

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Lastly, and probably most importantly for someone like me, the Classics are classic because they are massive time savers. Waking up in the morning and tossing on a simple sweater, maybe a slightly different shade of blue jeans, and a dark pair of shoes couldn’t get easier. I never have to spend time trying on looks to make sure that the top doesn’t offset the shoes or the jeans would look better in a different colour. I can keep my wardrobe fresh by wearing different sweaters with different pants and different shoes, but still keep my clothes choosing time under five minutes because I can’t really go wrong with any of my choices.

Overall, while there is a lot being said for keeping with the times and being fashion forward, there is also a lot to be said for keeping it simple. I love my fashion sense and think that the preppy, classic look is one that expresses who I am. I’m not crazy or wild so I don’t need print colors or prints to try to paint me as other than I am. I’m aiming for my work not my fashion to be timeless, lucky for me, by sticking to the classics, I can have both.



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