The 7s Set to Return for Another Glorious Year

The St Andrews Brewing Company and VK present a full day and night of rugby and booze.

The St Andrews Rugby 7s is frequently referred to as the largest event of its kind. Now over forty years old, the tournament is free to attend, while the afterparty is available for a mere £15. This weekend, men and women will travel from across the country to participate in the event, culminating in a nightlong celebration of all things alcoholic and sporty.

Thanks to headlining sponsor the St Andrews Brewing Company, two bars will be available during the tournament. A nearby “food village” will provide additional sustenance to both players and onlookers. After the five titles have been awarded, guests will move to town for the notoriously rowdy afterparty.

Although the afterparty has previously been held at a variety of venues – including Kinkell Byre and Pondside – the organisers promise this year’s Union-based event will be just as exciting as past iterations. General Levy will headline, accompanied by local music collective BPM and alumni DJ Asquire. The all-building event is sure to please any fan of music, booze and rugby.

Both events will be held this Saturday 14th April.



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