Let’s Talk About Fight Club

St Andrews vs St Andrews.

Fighting doesn’t usually get me chomping at the bit, but when I suddenly realise I know the two “fighters” wearing boxing gloves, I’ve got ants in my pants.

Mr Hopkins prepares for a grisly match.

The beauty of boxing is that it’s not a one day ordeal, at least for those involved. The St Andrews Fight Club has been ten weeks of gruesome training. To quote event organiser and fighter Josh Hopkins: “It’s all coming down to who is putting more effort – that’s the difference.”

Pictured: the ol’ 6 pack

Fight Club is the brainchild of Harry Bremner, assisted by Mr Hopkins and Joe Murray, who were inspired by similar events held at other universities. Unlike other St Andrews events, the centrepiece of the night is other students. Fighter Josh Hyde gushes that “it’s been great to be part of such an innovative project. The training has been a unique experience, especially coupling the commitment with the knowledge that you need to be putting more work in than your opponent to guarantee a victory. We’re all getting close to being in the shapes of our lives, and are finding the improvement of our physical conditions to be really rewarding.”

Left: Alex Rochal, in traditional boxing attire. Right: Unknown fan.

Competition is strong, as the boys and girls emerge from their training program with massive muscles and awakened ambitions. Grant Cooper describes his opponent George Hornung, a recurring model for the Don’t Walk Charity Fashion Show, as appearing “a little slow – model’s diet and cigarettes to blame.” Looking back at DW’s runway pictures, this model diet certainly seems to have been working wonders for the ol’ 6 pack. “My opponent really tries his best during the training sessions,” Cooper continues. “… When he does show up.”

Hornung’s response: “Clear he is skipping leg day. I’m worried that he could buckle under his disproportionate upper half.”

The other fighters display similar competitive tendencies. FS model Charlie Manasseh comments on his opponent Alistair Bidie’s attendance policy: “I think he turned up to training last week, but not sure he made much of an impact. No one remembers if he’s there.”

These rivalries will come to a head on Tuesday 17 April at Kinkell Byre.



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