CombiniCo Introduces a Private Credit System for Customers

The Combini Card intends to further streamline the purchasing process.

Two months on, CombiniCo has had its share of success. The sleek Japanese-Korean takeaway is constantly humming with activity, as students flock to purchase sushi rolls or bini bowls before the lunch rush. Co-owners Juno Lee and Alex Longson adjusted their stock in accordance to this high demand; shelves are now fully stocked for the majority of the day. The ability to change based on customer preference is a hallmark of Combini – one that both Juno and Alex hope is reflected in their newly launched Combini Card.

The card serves several functions. Firstly, it further streamlines the purchasing process. Guests need only purchase the card and load it up with credit, which allows them to pay by stating their account name at the till. Repeat customers will find that, after a few visits, they may become familiar enough to staff that no words are necessary. In addition to this inherent convenience, the card applies a five percent discount to all purchases. Credit can be topped up in the store with card or cash, allowing customers to essentially make cash payments in the otherwise card-exclusive store.

Juno and Alex describe the card as evidence of Combini’s organic nature. Recently, the shop expanded its opening hours, now serving from 11.30-6.30 every day. A deal with Deliveroo is also reported to be on the table, along with a bulk order system on Combini’s website that would allow customers to plan their own sushi dinners. Even the menu itself is malleable: Not only are low carb options, such as cauliflower rice, in the works, but Alex hints at seasonal changes – potentially Japanese ice cream.

“We are an organic, evolving entity,” Juno explains. “We introduce products and services to better our customers’ experience at Combini. Healthier options, warm food, longer hours, biodegradable supplies… It’s all part of our nature. We listen to our customers, and we offer our most original Combini solutions.”

The first 100 Combini Cards will launch today, available on a first come, first serve basis. All purchasers will receive a Combini tote bag with their card.



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