What I Spent This Week #2: A Week on a Student’s Budget

The spending habits of a second year English Student

Today’s money diary is completed by a second year English student. She lives in halls so doesn’t have to do a big weekly shop, but often eats out because she’s not a fan of the food in halls.


£3.50- Drink at Mammacita (I only drink there when they have this deal on)

£2- Snacks from Tescos to replenish the snack drawer


£40- Outfit I need for an event, waited until the money from what I sent back came back into my account

£5- Supper at Blackhorn (could not face a hall meal)

£3- Snacks

£15- Racked up library fines from the entire year (eek) and I needed to get books out for my essay, so I paid it all off in one go


£1- Bottle of water at gym

£3.50- Cocktail at Mammacita for the Rector’s Drag

£6- Supper out with hockey girls


£3- Lunch (my classes run through halls meals

£10- Drinks at Why Pat

£2- Snacks to get me through the essay


£7- Supper (had to eat quickly because of rehearsals etc)

£5- Post opera drink


£10- Choir dinner

£5- Post concert drinks


£6-Supper (don’t get halls meals on the weekend

£3- Ice cream



Total: £130



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