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GIG Prepares to Welcome Global Guests

The annual speaker series will host international investment experts.

The GIG invites guests to its annual speaker series on Friday 27th April from 12.30-7.00. Ticket holders can attend all three talks, or drop in and out throughout the day. Drinks are included in the ticket price.

Mr Alex Roepers is the Founder, President, and CIO of Atlantic Investment Management, a firm based in New York City. He will speak at 11.00 about his career and setting up his own investment management firm. Mr Roepers will be hosting a private lunch after his talk – guests interested in attending can email [email protected]

Mr Michael Wilson of Fintechs will then speak at 4 pm. Mr. Wilson has given multiple talks for the Global Investment Group in the past. As a senior advisor to Fintechs, Mr Wilson advises companies such as B2B ETF that are backed by State Street, JP Morgan and many more. Over the course of his career in finance, he has worked and lived and London and Tokyo. Mr. Wilson is looking to host an interactive discussion which will allow students to ask questions throughout the talk.

The final talk will be that of Cairngorm Capital, a London based private equity firm. Two employees from the firm will discuss Cairngorm, in addition to hosting a more general presentation on how to enter the world of private equity and life in London.

The event will culminate in a drinks reception, included in the ticket price. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle with the day’s speakers and discuss their presentations in a more relaxed environment.

All talks will be hosted in the Swilcan Suite in the Hotel du Vin and will be followed by Q&A sessions. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased through FIXR.



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