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Runway to Reality: Fall Trends for St Andrews

Bella DiPietro gives us fall trends to take away from Fashion Month and brings them to St Andrews

With the official start of fall tomorrow and the start of Paris fashion week, it is safe to say we are well into fall fashion. The weather in St Andrews seems to accurately reflect that as well. Translating looks from the runway to everyday wear isn’t always easy and can be particularly difficult here as the weather doesn’t always lend itself to cute fall floral dresses and skirts. However, there are several trends from the weeks of runway shows that can easily find their way into your closet.

This is probably the most exciting trend for all of us Scotland residents: plaid. Although this idea is somewhat predictable for fall, nonetheless, it is still a classic and can be incorporated with ease into your everyday looks. Plaid button downs can easily be matched with almost any style of jean; skinny, wide, straight or boyfriend and can easily be found for purchase at H&M and ASOS. If you need some inspiration, and or procrastination, Cher Silverstone will show you how to do plaid. You can take this a step further with a pair of plaid trousers or a tartan coat. Both practical and stylish, embrace your inner Scottish clansman and purchase some plaid!

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Another easily applicable fall trend to bring to the streets of St Andrews are puffers, especially oversized. An oversized jacket is accommodating for all the layering that is involved in being comfortable in the everchanging Scottish climate. A large puffer allows for t-shirts, turtlenecks, chunky knits, sweatshirts, and pretty much all the above.

The wind in St Andrews is strong enough to legitimately knock you over, which means it will 100% ruin your hair as soon as you step outside. Luckily, headwear is having a major moment this fall and winter. Although I will always support a beanie, it may be time to rethink what kind of headwear you invest in this season. From Alexander Wang to Balenciaga to Chanel the headscarf is all over the runway this season. To me, this seems like a no brainer. Not only will this trend prevent fly away hairs, but it helps keep you warm throughout the colder Scottish winter months, another major practical benefit.

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Fur, fur, fur, fur! The discussion around fur has been highly controversial, as there has been a strong push for many high-end designers to stop using real animal fur and only use faux. Designers like Stella McCartney and her fur-free-fur campaign along with a recent statement from Burberry declare that they plan to ‘phase out any existing real fur products.’ With that in mind, fur, especially faux is everywhere (notably St Andrews). After October in St Andrews you can’t walk a block without seeing a fur coat. St Andrew’s students love them (as they should) and the name of the game now is to find a fur that stands out. Neon has become increasing popular for fall, and this season it is Prada- approved, so if you want to be seen (or lower your chances of being lost on a night out), a neon fur coat may just be your calling.

As a Virgo, fall is by far my favorite season, especially when it comes to fashion. My love for plaid is half the reason I decided to go to university in Scotland (joking), so I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming months!

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