‘OURS’: A Review

Kirsten Scott storytells her experience of viewing Capture Collective’s debut exhibition this weekend.

She ‘pulled up’ with her partner to a large, grey stone building. She passed door after door until alas, she reached one with a sign signifying that she was about the enter and experience the exhibition known as ‘OURS’ by “Capture Collective”.

She knew little about the venture and even less about art, but even so her excitement peaked as she walked through a panelled hallway into what could only be described as a grand hall. Its dark wooden beams peered down at the clusters of animated men, women and children and  waited in anticipation, for what they all came to see: the Capture Collective.

Image: Capture Collective

It struck her that the exhibition was exactly that, an exhibition and quite unique to any she had seen before in St Andrews. The Capture Collective was professional, with exquisite attention to detail. 

She later learnt that the elegant, young art historians that she had spied chatting passionately and nodding patiently at inquisitive guests went by the names Zoë and Alex.  The Capture Collective was the brainchild of Zoë and Alex that was now being displayed for all to see. They spoke fondly of Lorna Walker, a warden who’s influence ensured that money from the Beveridge Fund was funnelled into the purchase of pieces for Uni Hall by artists Elizabeth Blackadder, John Houston, and Alberto Morocco to name a few. They spoke further about their plans to fund the purchase of another piece for the collection, as well as to raise money for ‘The Teapot Trust’ – a charity which provides art therapy in a medical setting for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Image: Capture Collective

Upon further inquiry, it was brought to light that this was not all that Zoë and Alex have planned for The Capture Collective, they envision a collective with a rolling coverage of the art world, to engage students and non-students alike.

She was fulfilled upon leaving, touched by the paintings, but even more so by the determination of Zoë and Alex to make this exhibit something worth remembering. 

If you missed ‘OURS’ this weekend, you can still support Capture Collective’s fundraising efforts for the Teapot Trust by donating online at: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CaptureCollective



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