Fashion Blogging at University 101

Maiah Khin interviews Amanda from Sequins and Sales blog for tips, tricks, and inspiration on being a successful fashion blogger 

With the widespread use of Instagram, it seems as if there is a new blogger or insta-famous star popping up every second.  However, only a few have caught my eye due to their authenticity and unique style.  This summer, I recently got the chance to connect with one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda  Johnson from Sequins and Sales.  Her spunky yet classic style was what immediately drew me to her account, as well as her genuine way of writing on her blog.  Randomly messaging her and not expecting to get a response, she returned my message, and needless to say, I was a bit star struck. Amanda graciously decided to answer a few of my questions I asked her about blogging and fashion while being a university student, and I am so glad to be able to share it.
1. What made you decide to go into blogging? Do you think it’s for everyone?
I actually have been blogging since about my sophomore year of high school! It was never anything solid but I knew I liked fashion and writing about it.  The main reason I started back up again was because I wanted to share with everyone everything that I loved!  I don’t think it’s for everyone if I’m being honest.  You have to have the drive to create content and write posts.  It takes a lot of hard work and effort! Even sometimes I question if this is something I can feasibly do.
2. What’s the hardest part of blogging you’ve dealt with, or adversity you have faced?
The hardest part of blogging for me is time management.  I’ve always been good at scheduling out my days/weeks but even so, random things happen and you have to shift it all around!  I didn’t realise how full-time it was until I started going at it full-force.
3.  And on the other hand, what’s your favourite part of blogging?
My favourite part of blogging is getting to connect with super amazing women like yourself!  My fourth month into seriously blogging, I met two of my favs who I still talk to now.  I also met who I consider a good friend through blogging on Instagram and then when she was in NYC for a weekend we got dinner! It was so fun and awesome.
4.  You’re going into the last year of university.  Any advice for new students, fashion or lifestyle related?
First of all, I can’t believe it’s really my last year!  My BEST advice for anyone going into school is look up jobs you might want in the future and MAKE SURE you attain those skills.  It’ll help you get internships and help prepare you for a career!
5.  St Andrews is a cold and rainy place, so what is your must-have winter item?
It’s funny you ask this because I live in Georgia where we have a “winter” from January to February and snow every 10 years.  If I actually lived somewhere cold I would say a really amazing trench or pea coat.
6.  What do you think it means to be fashionable?
This is a really hard question to answer.  I think to be fashionable means that you aren’t afraid to push the envelop of what’s new or next.  Even if it’s a basic striped tee, you can see it pair with a rainbow skirt, a pair of pants, or even over a shift dress!
Well there you have it!  Real advice from a real blogger.  Whether the idea of blogging simply peaked your interest, or you’re interested at the idea of starting you own, Amanda’s words are sure to help.  At St Andrews, fashion is always changing, and curating a personal style and unique wardrobe is often the goal of many students.  Inspiration can be found anywhere, from a blog, in a lecture, or somewhere on campus. It’s up to you to make it your own.
To see more of Amanda’s style or read her blog, you can follower her on Instagram, @sequinsandsales, or check out her blog,
 All photos in this article courtesy of Amanda Johnson



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