House of Horror 2018: Reviewed

Halloween extravaganza or glorified bop?

House of Horror’s annual Halloween extravaganza took place at Kinkell Byre, with proceeds from the event going towards their chosen charity, Impact Arts. This year HOH boasted a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed evening: Grace Sisel reccounts her candy-filled experience below. 

As an avid Halloween and candy enthusiast, a Willy Wonka themed Halloween Gala seemed right up my alley: candy, costumes and music… yes please! This excitement only grew as I was on the bus ride out to the event. Finally, when the bus pulled up to Kinkell Byre, I looked around and just knew that it was going to be a fun night with friends, music and, of course, candy.

Image: Emily Silk

Right away, I spotted a carnival style ride, so my friends and I decided to give it a go despite the extremely long line. Luckily, committee members dressed in the iconic Willy Wonka hat circulated with bowls of candy to keep the anticipating riders occupied. With a lollipop in one hand and good friends to chat with, the line moved relatively quickly and was worth definitely worth it. This ride – the quintessential carnival ride that spun you around until you couldn’t scream anymore – was one of the highlights of the whole gala.

Candy and rides aside, the Wonka’s House of Horrors kept the night going with lively music, a cash bar, and other snacks for guests to enjoy. The dance floor had centrally located DJ booths so that the music practically surrounded you. The music was easy to move to, however in the spirit of Halloween, I was hoping for some more spooky classics. Even still, I saw bananas, clowns and other characters enjoying each other’s company while bouncing about throughout the whole night, which was a quite relieving site because it meant that I wasn’t the only one flailing my limbs in a dancing attempt!

Image: Emily Silk

The beautiful string lights paired with the essential Wonka themed décor brought the entire venue together, though at some parts the event felt separated. The dance floor was the main attraction, typical of most events, however the other areas seemed – for a lack of better words – dead. At times, the event seemed nothing more than a glorified bop.

Despite this, I still considered the night fun. The carnival ride, music and candy definitely compensated for the rainy weather, long lines and lack of Halloween atmosphere as it provided a little energy in moments of anticipated boredom. I arrived at the event excited to see what the Willy Wonka’s House of Horror Charity Gala had in store for a fresher and a couple of friends, and left feeling that I had a night decently spent – perhaps because I could dance and eat candy to my heart’s content.



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