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Welly Ball 2018: What to Wear

Coming up on the 10th of November, Maiah gives ups her tips on what to wear to one of St Andrews’ most popular balls

Short dresses
Tonight is the night for your legs, and of course wellies to shine! Wearing a short dress is the perfect way to show off the star of your outfit: your wellies.  There have been a few long dresses over the year, but I’ve noticed they got quite dirty throughout the night, so short dresses are the way to go.  Beaded, bedazzled, sequined, metallic, or colour-blocked, there are so many choices right now, especially on student-friendly sites such as Boohoo or Asos.  Both of these sites also offer Petite, Plus size, and tall options so you will be sure to find something that suits your style!  Another option is right here in St Andrews – Ensemble Dresses offer a plethora of beautiful options for students to rent for the occasion, and there are plenty of mini dresses on site.
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Tip: If you have printed wellies, opt for a solid colour dress, and vice versa – printed or patterned dresses with solid coloured wellies.  This gives your look some balance, and doesn’t overpower the wellies.  Win-win!
An underrated necessity for Welly Ball are of course, socks.  These puppies are super important, and ensure you’ll be comfortable throughout the night as you’re dancing away.  Opt for socks that cover your ankles, as they are the most sensitive parts of your feet while wearing wellies.  There are a variety of crew and knee-high socks that are perfect for any wellies, and patterns for any guy or gal.  You can even pick out knee high socks with a fun pattern to add some pizzaz for your outfit.
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A fun coat can enhance any ball attire, and Welly Ball is no exception.  It’s sure to be chilly the night of – I know last year, I was positively freezing.  Wearing a coat over my gown was a smart and stylish decision while travelling to Kinkell Byre.  Whether it’s a chic trench coat or stylish faux fur addition, a coat adds warmth and structure to your outfit.  Kinkell Byre also has a coat check where you can drop your coat off while dancing the night away.
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Opt for delicate pieces of jewellery that don’t avert attention from the star of the show: your wellies! Save your statement necklace or earrings for later, and choose some minimalistic pearls or delicate lockets on a simple chain – pieces that add some much-needed sparkle and class, but don’t overpower the wellies.
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For the gents, patterned trousers and wellies make a smart, swoon-worthy pair.  Checked, tartan, and pinstriped trousers tucked into a smart pair of classic wellies are an alternative to classic black dress pants.
Source: Wellies 4 Ball
Last but not least – the star of the show: wellies!  Welly Ball may have very well seen the most variety of wellies in a single place.  While most people opt for the popular choices of Hunter and Barbour for wellies, there are also adorable patterned ones from Joules, or edgy holographic ones from Asos.  You can get wellies almost anywhere online, and Welly Ball also sells their own through their Facebook page Wellies 4 Ball.  Their wellies start at just £15, so if you’re really pressed for time and money, it’s easy to find a pair.  Of course, you can also peruse through many of St Andrews charity shops or a friend’s closet for a pair as well!  In a town like St Andrews, finding a spare pair of wellies is probably as easy as finding loose change on the ground.
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