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How To Make St Andrews Your Royal Tour

Ellie Millar gives us some royal inspiration, and how to channel the Duchess of Sussex’s style at St Andrews

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’ve been spending most of the past two weeks wishing I was in New Zealand with my Prince and a killer wardrobe. While we’ve all been stuck in St Andrews, drowning in our deadlines and coursework, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry completed their first royal tour. Their busy two weeks around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga have been exceedingly intriguing for one reason in particular: Meghan’s elegant royal tour outfits. Meghan has once again proven herself to be a true style queen, and just as predisposed to mishaps, like forgetting to take the price tag off, as the rest of us. While Meghan is currently heading towards into “maternity style”, her latest looks ooze inspiration for our St Andrews wardrobes.

First note on the style watch: Meghan loves black jeans as much as the next girl. Her favourite skinnys made several appearances throughout the tour – making me feel less guilty about rarely straying from my own. Styled with a pair of high heeled ankle boots, a turtle neck sweater and a gorgeous trench coat, this look has probably already featured countless times on the street style of St Andrews, but here’s your reminder that it’s all still very much in style. Meghan could just as easily be heading to the library, or a committee meeting in this chic ensemble. Trench coats are nearly always on trend, so it’s never much of a task to track down the perfect one on the high street.

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Next up: pleated skirts! Although this skirt caused some scandal over whether it was see-through or not, Meghan without a doubt, nailed the pleated skirt trend. I was over the moon when I saw the pictures of Meghan in this navy pleated skirt, as her outfit looks extremely similar to a dress I bought a few years ago for a wedding. Once I find it again, I am definitely bringing it back! Pleated skirts are amazing, because they look flattering on all body types. This kind of mid-length skirt is so versatile too. A sweater and some flats would turn this skirt into a gorgeous casual look whereas, paired with a crop top perhaps, a pleated mid-length skirt would be well placed at a ball.

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Thirdly: some more ball inspiration. Dipped hems often make for the most classy dresses. They are complimentary to all heights, and are very comfortable to wear! Personally, I’m not a fan of constantly pulling down short dresses that have a tendency to ride up, and am usually intimidated by floor-length dress, making dipped hems the ideal compromise. With the high neck-line, side cut-out and button detailing, this dress screams ball style. What I love the most about this outfit is the deep navy paired with hints of pink. Light and dark contrasts never fail to make both aspects stand out so beautifully. Meghan’s outfits frequently feature such clever contrasts, one of the reasons her style never fails.

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As we slip past autumn and head into winter, Meghan’s beachy, royal tour looks don’t have much relevance to the streets of St Andrews currently. However, as the days get shorter, some of us might start planning our next trip to the sun and warmth. When looking for some beach wardrobe inspiration, keep in mind Meghan’s boho-inspired summer maxi-dresses. This floaty, pink piece is a personal favourite, and no doubt the high street will have plenty imitations ready and waiting for us by the time spring comes around next year.

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I couldn’t finish this piece without mentioning Meghan’s stunning Oscar de la Renta ballgown. Duchess style doesn’t get much better than this, and fashion in general doesn’t get much more dreamy than Oscar de la Renta dresses. While I think this look is a little too extra for any St Andrews’ event, I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to try emulate this fairy-tale dress.

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