The Eight Songs You’re Guaranteed to Hear on a Night Out at the Union

If you’re heading out to the Union, here are a few songs you are almost certain to hear.

We all love the Union, but let’s be honest, the music can get a little bit samey. Here, in no particular order, are the eight songs that you’re almost certain to hear on an average night out. It’s an incomplete list, but if you can go a night in the Union without hearing them, I’ll be very impressed. It’s probably worth mentioning that this isn’t a criticism of the choice of music because, to be fair, most of the songs on this list are absolute bangers.


Dua Lipa – New Rules         

I can’t tell if this is my favourite song on the list, or just the one I’m least sick of. Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ tells the story of a woman taking drastic measures in order to avoid sleeping with a man she knows isn’t good for her. Not only is it frighteningly relatable, it’s also catchy and great for dancing.

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Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

If you’re hanging around Sandy’s Karaoke on a Friday night, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a clear favourite. It’s one of the few songs that almost everybody knows all the way through.  So whenever it comes on over the speakers, the entire population of Sandy’s invariably comes together in an inspiring – albeit pitchy – rendition of the classic.


Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers     

Easily Dizzee Rascal’s biggest hit, the energetic rap never fails to make everybody in 601 lose their minds, pun intended. It’s a staple of every night out, usually with students raucously joining in with the chorus.

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The Arctic Monkeys – literally everything they’ve ever written   

Bloody hell, they love the Arctic Monkeys at the Union. It’s impossible to hang out for a night without hearing a few songs by the alt-rock Sheffield quartet. Which Arctic Monkeys songs you hear are entirely down to the personal tastes of the DJ, but it’ll almost certainly be from their first, second or fifth album. This Wednesday I actually made a point to count the number of Arctic Monkeys songs: in the main bar the grand total came to five, not including three separate plays of ‘View from the Afternoon’.


The Killers- Mr Brightside

The popularity of this song is probably mainly down to the fact that it’s become a meme, but it’s still catchy as heck and great fun to sing along to. No matter what bar you decide to spend your time in, ‘Mr Brightside’ is pretty unavoidable. 


The Wombats- Let’s Dance to Joy Division

Yet another British alt-rock classic, the Wombats’ wildly popular 2007 hit begs the question: Who dances to Joy Division? And, more crucially: what kind of person requests Joy Division at a DJ booth?


The Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger         

Chelsea Dagger is unique in that, while everybody sings along to it, nobody appears to really know the words. We all have a lovely time shouting along to the pre-chorus “da-da-da” bit but when it comes to the verse, everybody tends to fumble and I’d be surprised if anyone sings the same lyrics. Nevertheless, it’s a good song and a true banger from a Glasgow band who, by all rights, shouldn’t have dropped off the map the way that they did.


Something Scottish, Probably   

St Andrews isn’t called the Bubble for nothing. With the sheer number of English and American students, it can be hard to forget that we actually live in Scotland. In an attempt to combat this, the Union always ends the night with a token Scottish song, usually either The Proclaimers’ biggest hit, ‘I would Walk 500 Miles’, or Rudrig’s version of the folk song, Loch Lomond. Both always lead to a boisterous sing-a-long before the 2am close.

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