Review: Ad-Libbed Love

Lizzie Correggi reviews Ad-Libbed Love

With the show ‘Ad-Libbed Love’ being my first encounter with improv comedy, I felt uncertain as I took my seat before the stage. Improv is very difficult to pull off successfully, and I was unsure as to whether I would find the performance truly funny or not. Soon all of my doubts were relieved when I saw the lighthearted but dedicated execution of each scene played out fluidly by the comedians.

The actors were exciting to watch — you could see the chemistry flow between them as they bounced joke after joke off of each other. Not once did one of the cast members miss their cue or miss an opportunity to throw in a sharp one-liner. The weight of the show was held equally between them and no actor was outshone or faded into the background, they all individually brought something unique and captivating to their characters. The characteristics of each role, designated by the audience, was marvellously brought to life by the cast and expertly meshed in with the compellingly ridiculous storyline.

I  really enjoyed watching the chemistry between the actors who worked extremely well together; setting up jokes for one another with ease. I still don’t know how the actors (almost) managed to keep their faces straight throughout the show — even the small moments where they would break out of character to laugh at one of their peer’s jokes was enjoyable to witness and made the show feel more relatable and genuine. I found myself becoming absorbed into the plot and rooting for certain characters that I had in a way become attached to. The characters were sympathetically portrayed which made them quite endearing. Even though the show was short I found myself invested in these characters and was almost saddened when the show came to its conclusion.

The audience laughed continuously and were engrossed from start until finish, their attention captured by the impressive work of the comics.

Considering that they are not professional or seasoned performers, the casts’ ability to spin off jokes on the spot must come to each of them naturally—an attribute that aspiring comedians can only dream of possessing.

Improvisational comedy is a very hit or miss form of entertainment, and this show consistently hit.

As my first improv experience, I have to say I am very impressed by the show put on by the comics at Ad-libbed Love. The casts’ ability to intertwine the suggestions cast out by the audience into the structure of the established story, all the while maintaining the humorous aspect of the show was a delightful spectacle. The performance from the comic actors was witty, engaging and of course hilarious. I must say I loved every minute of this show, I discovered it to be quirky and incredibly amusing. It is with deep sincerity that I say I am very excited for The St Andrews Comedy Society to put on another Improv show. Seeing a genuinely impressive comedy show performed by students is a rare occurrence, and I feel sympathy towards those who missed out.



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