Agony Andrews: advice for students

Want free advice from a very normal person? You’re in luck.

Listen up. As any student who has spent time living among these three streets would know, university life is not always easy. Study troubles, tough living situations, complicated romantic entanglements, and life in general can often take up a great deal of a student’s precious time – time we could be using for creatively avoiding essay writing.  

That is why The Stand is starting a weekly column to which you can anonymously submit any issue you are dealing with to a completely amateur advice giver. Let us know your large issues, small issues, or even enquiries about how to adult™, and Agony Andrews, St Andrews’s own Agony Aunt, will respond with, hopefully, far better advice than your own aunt. Consider this column the sober equivalent of a chat in the Union bathroom on a Friday night, and ask away.  

As they say, a problem shared with a non-professional advice giver is a problem that may be slightly rectified, depending on what the problem is. 

Send your issues and questions to [email protected].  

Note: If you have any serious issues that you need help with, please contact the Student Services for legitimately good advice:

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