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FS 2019: What to Wear

If you’re lost about what to wear to FS this Saturday, look no further!

It’s that time of the year again. The kick-off to the fashion show season starts this weekend with the much anticipated FS. Loaded with exciting fashion, new content (slightly biased as a member of committee) and the promise of fun all round, outfits are important to a show like this. Get ready to dazzle Saturday night with a few quick tips.


You will be standing for many hours, dancing, gawking at models and having a swell time. This is not the evening for stilettos that are gorgeous but glorified torture devices. Heels add everything to an outfit, but pick some that you’ve broken in, or perhaps opt for the wedge.


The fashion show culture at St Andrews gives the opportunity to wear something that differs from the traditional black-tie ball. Take risks this weekend, choose trousers or a jumpsuit, add a cool accessory for the fun of it. The more confident you feel, the more fun you will have!


The same could be said for makeup- be bold and take inspiration from the runways of this season, bright pastel shades on the eye, or a nod to the 60s with over-emphasised eyeliner. If that sounds a bit too daring, don’t worry! A tiptoe outside your comfort zone with some red lipstick might be all it takes.



Use this weekend as an excuse for some late Galentine’s Day fun. Get together with gal pals this Saturday, do face masks for get your nails done before the show. Maybe this is the opportunity to do that spray tan you’ve been talking about. Self care is always important, but its nice to have a fancy justification for it.


This goes without saying. Earrings, rings, a cute clutch can jazz up the simplest of looks. For all the guys out there, perhaps try a scarf or a funky shirt to spice up an otherwise basic suit. It’s often said that less is more but maybe in the case of FS, more is more! Have a blast, dance the night away and be sure to take those risks. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing style choices Saturday night!




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