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Kirsten spills the tea on just how sickening this year’s Drag walk will be.

If last years experience is anything to go by, Drag Walk 2019 is likely to be an event all St Andreans would agree is not to be missed. The atmosphere could easily be likened to a St Andrews fashion show (an event format we all know well by now), but on crack. The Kings and Queens are likely to go above and beyond to compete for a crown that can only be won through the famed lip synch battle, as the crowd cheer and bay in a way not unlike imagined accounts of gladiatorial battle audiences. You will be guaranteed outfits to stun, puns to groan at and theatrics to balk at during this one night celebration of drag in all its wonderful forms.


credit: Saints LGBT

This year is set to feature more professionals than ever, with a fresh emphasis on intermission performances, the organisers keen on presenting an eclectic and satisfying blend of amateur and professional drag. You’re invited to experience Glasgow’s Ru Jazzle and her sisters, alongside Drag Walk 2018’s very own champion; Pret a Minge and ten other Kings and Queens the nature of whom has yet to be confirmed. If curiosity doesn’t see you on your way to the Union’s website to purchase a ticket, let the promise that you will get to witness a night of theatricals, comedy, lip synch-ery, glittery pablos, and drag galore fully convince you. Immerse yourself in an event where anyone is welcome to be exactly who they are and from which none of your senses will escape unassaulted.

credit: Saints LGBT

The price of a ticket is £8 and includes both the competition and the competition afterparty, with proceeds going towards the Scottish Trans Alliance.

Ticket link: here

When: Saturday 23rd February 19:30 – 2:00

Where: 601


credit: Saints LGBT



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