FS Origins Review

Editor-in-Chief Zoe Spirgel takes us through a fantastic night at FS Origins.

As I walked into the white tent on the outskirts of Lower College Lawn, I had no idea what to expect. I quickly checked my coat and headed into the main tent to get the lay of the land before the show. The first thought that came to mind was the obstacle of the stairs to actually get into the show. Due to the fact the tents were outside, the stairs were oddly slated, making it all too easy for students to stumble and face plant into the hard concrete. If my sober self-had trouble making it down the stairs, I have no idea how the rest of the FS goers faired the rest of the night. 

Making it safely down the stairs, I walked into the main tent and was truly taken aback. FS had cleverly put a map of the area on the screens with an included seating chart of all the tables. This reduced the chaos of rushing around searching for one’s table, but also looked very aesthetically pleasing and was well presented. The standard tables were decorated with twinkly light fixtures and had bags of chickpea chips, mint and cucumber water, and bean chips. The VIP tables were placed directly in-between the standard tables in the middle of the catwalk. VIP goers had a front row view of the show and were treated to perks such as Combinico sushi. While every St Andrean loves their Combinico, I was disappointed with the amount of sushi to VIP ratio. It seemed that if you were one of the lucky few VIP people there 20 minutes before the show, you won a single piece of sushi. Though delicious, you really had to savour that one biteful because that was all you were getting. The sushi, and the view seemed the only two things that separated the standard from the VIP. Moreover, behind the VIP section was the corporate terrace. While the terrace looked lovely, it was a little close to the ceiling with people having to bend forward so they would not bonk their heads on the top of the tent.

Source: Cassi Ainsworth-Grace

With the layout noted, I anxiously awaited the start of the show. At the exact dot of 8pm, the show began. FS was smart to put a count down on the screen, causing the crowd to jump and shriek with excitement. The show that followed did not disappoint with the models walking out with attitude and elegance oozing sophistication. Whereas most fashion shows in St Andrews have the models always wear black heels, the girls sported slippers and purple studded heels throughout the show, constantly changing it up. Having attended all the fashion shows in St Andrews, I can honestly say that the outfits at FS 2019 were the best outfits I have seen of any St Andrews fashion show. From 90s colourful swimwear, to tasteful lingerie, to slinky cream coloured evening gowns—the models could have been on the London Fashion Week runway.

Though the show itself was unbelievable, the event did have some slight issues. To begin, the intermission was way too long. People started to get antsy and lose interest. While the auction was interesting and I still cannot believe someone paid 750£ for a trip to Barcelona, it could have been sped up a bit. However, this being said, FS came back stronger than ever with the second half of the show. With a very artsy video that was not only well-done but very futuristic and thought provoking, FS instantly had the attention of the entire audience. Furthermore, the music in the second half of the show was outstanding—causing the audience to let loose and dance in place. Although the second half of the show was arguably better than the first, there was a random rapper that suddenly came onto the stage. I’m not sure anyone really understood who he was or why he was there. Everyone seemed a bit confused. Besides the random rapper, the second half was nothing short of excellent.

Source: Cassi Ainsworth-Grace

Overall, I have to agree with the public opinion: FS is truly the best fashion show I have been to in St Andrews. The choreography, models, designers, and production are all one of a kind, and truly memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and applaud the FS committee for all of their hard work. Well done FS 2019.



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