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Bacchanalia: Previewed

Kirsten previews what is sure to be Bacchanalia’s third year of triumph.

Bacchanalia is back for its third consecutive, stripped to its roots, we’re set to see Bacchanalia in all its natural glory. A celebration of the arts in St Andrews in the format of a ball with the price tag of an event at the Vic, all are welcomed to this lesser known annual event to partake in a night which is beginning to be lauded just the same as the celebrity balls of the university. Enjoy the opportunity to tap into the arts whilst donning anything you would like from your wardrobe, with organisers emphasising a Grecian/Roman theme yet thoroughly stressing a dress code based in liberation and freedom of expression.

credit: bacchanalia

With the purchase of a £16.50 ticket you are invited by the university’s very own chapel choir to experience a night of warmth within a Fife-based garden of Eden, the illusion of which being exacerbated by the intimate nature of Younger Hall. With a focus on music this year, acts such as BPM, The Other Guys and Braw will play throughout the night on the main stage with dancers, life-drawing and other seemingly dream-like intermissions breaking up the performances. Downstairs will be an acoustic area where guests are invited to relax and take a break from the drunken revelry upstairs.

So roll up for Bacchanalia, an event throughly expected to sell out. Anticipate witnessing the absurd at this celebration of the juxtaposition between chaos and performance, the messy and sophisticated, between exclusivity and Bacchanalia’s welcoming arms. It is indeed set to be, as organisers put it: an “eccentric ball disguised as an arts festival”.

credit: bacchanalia

Facebook event link: here

When: Friday 1st March 9-2am

Where: Younger Hall

Tickets: here



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