Source: Bella DiPietro

What does 2019 bring to Market street?

Tired of shopping at H&M and Taste of Scotland? Bella tells us about some worthwhile new shops to have a browse in

After being apart from St Andrews for a little over a month, I was shocked to see how much had changed in seemingly such a short time. Most of these changes are situated on Market street. Reith’s has just recently closed this past Thursday, and to my dismay upon arriving back I was greeted with a letter from Santander informing me that their St Andrews branch will close this May. Not the welcoming I was expecting, but nonetheless something that I will avoid dealing with until next semester. On the plus side though, Market street has welcomed some new shops that are proving to have potential.

Mountain Warehouse is one of the new additions to Market street. Although it was hard to watch New Look leave, its replacement has been quite promising so far. If you are like me, and haven’t heard of Mountain Warehouse before, it is a British company that primarily sells outdoor clothing and equipment for hiking, camping, cycling, skiing and several other activities that I do not do, nor have any interest in doing. That being said however, I did find several items there that were worth purchasing. For starters, they do specialise in outdoor clothing and gear, and we are in a climate where it is necessary to have the right attire and accessories to stay warm. In addition to the advertised; backpacks, sleeping bags, canteens, hiking boots, snow pants, etc. they have many more, low key items that are worth noting. For starters, they have a large selection of winter hats, ranging from all fleece to others with fur pom-poms. There is pretty much have a hat for every personality. Additionally, the store is stocked with different warm weather socks, from merino wool, to cotton, to fuzzy bedtime ones. In conclusion, even if you are not someone who participates in outdoor activities, it does not mean that there is nothing of any interest to you in the shop. It is definitely worth going in and checking it out. Oh – and nearly the entire store is on sale!

Source: Bella DiPietro
Source: Bella DiPietro

In addition to Mountain Warehouse, a new store called The Pop Up Shop has opened. It is situated in the somewhat hidden area of Market street, that is often overshadowed by the current construction going on around it. Located between Luvians and Dr. Noodles, The Pop Up Shop formerly known as Sam Brown Boutique has taken on a new title in 2019. With the stores lease ending in May, they will be a pop up until then, and will continue ‘popping up’ in other locations throughout Scotland such as Elie and Edinburgh. The store carries women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories and in my opinion, their stuff is highly underrated. When I first walked in, one thing that stuck out to me was how much inventory they have for such a small space. There are several racks of clothes, all merchandised in an appealing manner. Another thing I noticed was how much knitwear they carry in the store right now, and although we hate to admit it, the reality is that sweaters will be necessary here till at best post spring break. Although it will be sad to see the store go in May, I am excited that we still have another few months of shopping left.

Source: Bella DiPietro
Source: Bella DiPietro
Source: Bella DiPietro

Although these changes may not be life altering, with St. Andrews limited retail options, it is always exciting to see new stores enter the scene, as one can only go to H&M so many times.




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