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Top 5 Things To Do This Week

Top 5 Things To Do: March 4th-9th

Top 5 Things to do: March 4th – March 9th

  1. Sabbatical Question Time, March 4th, 7:30pm-10pm, Union

“This is your chance to hear your Sabbatical Candidates answer various questions relating to the roles that they have been nominated for!”

  1. Northpoint Pancake Night, March 5th, 5pm, Northpoint

Head on over to Northpoint for their annual pancake night.

  1. Vintage Clothing Sale, March 6th, 10am-4pm, Club 601

“We will have everything from Sweatshirts, Jeans, Sportswear, fleece jackets and everything in between.”

  1. Poetry Slam, March 7th , 7pm-8pm, Sandy’s Bar

“Come join us for the third poetry slam of this academic year. Words will be slung, wine will be spilt, and there most definitely will be fairy lights.”

  1. Catwalk, March 9th, 8:30pm- 1am, Club 601

“This year’s show will aim to combine and contrast individual perceptions, against a creative backdrop of surrealist explorations of thought and fashion in the physical world.”




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