Top 5 Things To Do

Top 5 Things To Do: March 11th -15th

Top 5 Things to do: March 11th – March 15th

  1. Kim K Visits the Homeland, March 11th, 9pm-12pm, Brew Co North Street

“The Armenian Society is proud to cordially invite you to the screening of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The episode will feature Kim K’s visit to Armenia, so buckle up your seats, kids, be a typical slob-kabob & come to indulge in the Kardashian culture.”

  1. Unicef on Campus Presents: Szentek, March 12th, 10pm, Vic

“Come join Unicef on Campus featuring Szentek and VS to end the first half of this semester the right way, and all for a great a cause!”

  1. St Patrick’s Day, March 13th, 10pm-2pm, Brew Co North Street

“All new venue, St Andrews Brewing Co North Street to be transformed into an authentic Irish Pub with two bars.

  1. SAASUM, March 14th, 10pm, Mammacita St. Andrews

“Get ready to turn up with SAASUM and Versus Music music at Mamacitas on Tuesday for a night of some lit tunes.”

  1. Big St Patricks Party, March 15th, 10:30pm- 2am, Union

“This is going to be fun. We’re going green: green pints, green pablos, green freebies, green building! We’ve got Irish themed karaoke, luck of the Irish amazing prizes and a pop up Guinness bar in Beacon Bar not to mention a big green BOP.”



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