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Catwalk 2019: Reviewed

Mari gives us our review of St Andrews’ most recent fashion show, Catwalk

As all of St Andrews was invaded by attendants of Oktoberfest, the Union was abuzz with the Catwalk Fashion show. The stage of 601 was soberly decorated and surrounded by attendants when the show started, and what a show. The models were clearly enjoying themselves and the choreography was well thought-out. While during the first half, I remained relatively ambivalent about the clothes, the second half brought an abundance of colors and textures while at the same time, let the models show their individuality.

Source: Mari Mazarguil

The dresses were especially impressive and the crowning glory of the fashion displayed on Saturday was without a doubt the trio of enormous pastel ruffled dresses which seemed to be completely floating on stage. The music of the show itself was rather good, complementing well with the cadence of the models.

(Sadly my brain only remembered to take photos when the models had their backs to me so enjoy these wonderful backs)

Source: Mari Mazarguil

As with most of St. Andrews’ other shows this year, the afterparty was slightly underwhelming. It is kind of hard to make 601 anything different than the Club 601 we all know with just music, no matter how hard the committee tried.

The Mozza food truck and the free pizza slice were a gift from heaven, the goody bags were also impressive. You know I was munching on those banana crisps. (Is it obvious that I love food?)

Source: Mari Mazarguil

All in all, the show was a great experience even if the afterparty was bit slow.

Congratulations to the models and the committee!



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