Top 5 Things To Do This Week

Top 5 Things To Do This Week: April 8th-13th

Top 5 Things to do: April 8th – April 13th

  1. Dr. Joe Slater: What is Victim Blaming?, April 8th , 7:30pm-9pm, Arts Lecture Theatre

“In this talk, I survey what has been said by philosophers so far, particularly highlighting the failure to account for certain advisory statements or warnings as victim-blaming. For instance, in many cases, comments such as “you shouldn’t wear such provocative clothing” or “women should not get so drunk on nights out” are victim-blaming, even though they are forward-looking and not directed at individuals.”

2.  Johnny Wookey Memorial Game, April 9th, 8pm- 11pm, Dundee Ice Arena

“The St Andrews Typhoons are taking on their rivals, the Edinburgh Eagles, in the 2019 Jonny Wookey Memorial Varsity Game!”

  1. Stand-Ups Take the Stage: On the Rocks, April 10th, 8pm-11pm, Union

“For one night only, these hand-picked standups will look more professional than ever before on the glamourous St. Andrews St.Age. So get ready to laugh like you’re in the audience for a Netflix-produced event.”

  1. Women in Law, April 11th, 5pm- 7pm, Hotel Du Vin

“Join us once again for a panel discussion and Q&A session with some of Britain’s most eminent female lawyers, from all areas of the legal sphere.”

5. The North Haugh Ball, April 13th , 7pm-1am, The Spanish Gardens




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