Groovy Green Golf: Reviewed

Intrigued by the title? Griffin Godsick’s Groovy Green Golf review has you covered!

In a mildly perplexing, but incredibly satisfying turn of events, the On The Rocks Committee decided to put up something a little different than usual in the Byre Theatre Studio this past Sunday afternoon. Enter Groovy Green Golf, a 9-hole mini-golf course designed exclusively from recycled materials. Upon arrival, I was able to choose my club from an assortment of kid-friendly objects, ranging from pool noodles to inflated musical instrument. Opting for a blue noodle, I then proceeded with my bright red plastic ball into the Studio Theatre, a square room which was bursting with energy. The each hole was crafted with a particular theme in mind, ranging from a Japanese garden and a school of jellyfish, to more St Andrean settings, such as the Sallies’ Clocktower. The room was decorated with recyclable art pieces, which I later learned were created by children in the surrounding community. The proceedings were bathed in fluorescent lighting, giving off a rave-like vibe, which was accompanied by pulsating pop music, with not just a few guests dancing their way through the course. I myself struggled at certain holes, but had a strong sense of accomplishment when I bagged a hole-in-one on the water bottle hole. After my run through the course, I was able to speak at length to Krispy Patel, the OTR Head of Community and Outreach. She detailed to me not only how the event came into being, but also how the recycled art became the centerpiece of the event, commenting, “We don’t really have a very big budget, so we thought we’d stick to recycled art, which actually turned out to be really really good, because we got to talk to them about sustainability and all that sort of stuff.” As a project that taught local children about important environmental concepts, this event was potentially more beneficial to the community than the standard, run-of-the-mill OTR affair. With a steady flow of attendees, a strong and well-executed concept, and free admission, Groovy Green Golf was a fantastically light bit of entertainment that provided fun for the whole family.


Credit: On The Rocks



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