Scifa Showcase: Reviewed

Griffin reviews science fiction/fantasy’s contribution to On The Rocks 2019.

During my ascent up the Union stairs to attend the Sci-Fi/Fantasy’s On The Rocks Showcase, I realized how little I knew about both the event or the society as a whole, and in turn, had a total lack of expectations whatsoever. I am happy to report that, despite having a relatively small turn-out, the event proved to be both informative and entertaining. There were two main areas of interest; the arts and crafts table, where guests could sketch, draw, and color a wide array of fictional entities, and the inventory exhibition, which showcased both items from the society’s vast entertainment collection and their bi-annual Fantasy journal, the JabberWookiee, which “strives to celebrate geek culture in all its forms within the student body.” Featuring wide array of components, from fantastical illustrations to wildly original short stories, the magazine proved in incredibly interesting an engaging read, even to someone who was unfamiliar with many of the properties covered.

I spoke with three different members of the committee, who were all quite enthusiastic and passionate about the society’s goals and ideals. Bryn Jackson-Farrer, the Editor-In Chief of the JabberWookie, stressed the importance of unrestricted imagination, commenting, “We like to encourage people to have their own creative endeavors.” The committee members also maintained that collaboration was incredibly importance to the society, having put on joint events in the past with Sherlock Soc and Doctor Who Society, among others. The upcoming Geek Bop, coming to Sandy’s Bar, proved to be a popular topic of conversation. A free event, unlike the typical Union Bops, Geek Bop seeks to be an inclusive, fun environment for the most die-hard fans and the most recent newcomers. Abby Schwartz, SciFa Vice President, explained that Geek is a “self-inclusion” term, and that there is no one excluded from the festivities. A keen and excited committee was able to overcome the slight lack of guests to create an atmosphere rife with “Geek” topics, from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If you are looking for a lengthy in-depth debate, or just a broad overview, the folks at SciFa have got you covered.

Credit: SciFa



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