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Szentek and Friends: A Day and Night Session of Revelry and Art Across Two Venues

Cassi previews Szentek’s final event of the year.

On Monday the 29th of April, for their final event celebrating the end of the academic year, Szentek has announced an electrifying all day and night event, ‘Szentek and Friends’. Shaking up St Andrews in typical Szentek fashion, the event will offer an abundant array of art, music, stalls and entertainment from all over Scotland. Unique in the lineup of Szentek revelry, ‘Szentek and Friends’ will be divided into two different events in two locations, to ensure that you have an opportunity to participate in the spectacle.

credit: Szentek

For the first event of the day, Szentek will be showcasing the ‘Szentek and Friends Art Show’. Hosted in the intimate Barron Theatre from 14:00-17:00, the art on display will be as eclectic as always, with in-house art and videography, as well as newly produced pieces created at the previous Szentek X Capture Collective Drink and Draw event. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then the hip vintage sale might. Alongside the art and the music, the event will be hosting a pop-up of Edinburgh’s Young Parisian’s Vintage, as well ECA’s illustration collective, Cotch and Co, where you can pick up a range of chic items from tote bags to plant pots. At £3, the price of a ticket for this event is definitely more on the affordable side, and is perfect for those who wish to detox to smooth beats and to admire the talent of local artists.

credit: Szentek

For those more into the revelry side of Szentek events, the second half of ‘Szentek and Friends’ may be where you should be heading to. This will be one of the first times Szentek will be hosting an event in the new Brew Co North Street, and will be decorating it in classic Szentek eclectic artworks and installations. With the ASHA rumbling sound system, the bass will definitely be an immersive and intoxicating experience, only serving to elevate the incredible lineup. The event will feature music from the 2018 favourite Ziplock (Shapework), the Dundee funk and disco duo Jute City Jam and the Mash House Texture from Edinburgh. Not only that, there will be an exclusive performance from Crème Fresh, whom, following their successful radio show, Crème Fresh have staged in demand DJs from both Scotland and the rest of the world, such as Bleaker, Mall Grab, and DEBONAIR. All this in addition to To This For That and classic Szentek DJs. Their performance will not be one to miss, and Szentek has stated that they are “very excited to welcome him back to St Andrews for what is to be a tip top night of tracks and dancing”. Although the prices for this event are a bit steeper, with tickets going at £7, the lineup will not disappoint.

Be aware that tickets for the day and night event are being sold separately, and cannot be used interchangeably between the two events. The day party takes place at the Barron from 14:00 to 17:00, whilst the night event takes place between 20:00 to 2:00 at Brew Co North Street. Tickets for both of the events are available right now on Fixr, and can be purchased online to reserve your place:


credit: Szentek



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