Photo: Eleni Zervos

An Art Society Night at Aikmans

Art History Society’s last exhibit of the year was a hit!

This past Sunday night, in the cellar of Aikman’s., the Arts Society held its last exhibition of the semester – showcasing some of the best art in St Andrews. Pictures, paintings, and sketches dangled from the rafters and across the room by threads of string, allowing visitors a better view of the pieces on display. To say the event was a success is an understatement. The room was filled to the brim, as friends and fellow art-enthusiasts came to support the determination and hard work devoted by each participant of the exhibition. To have the event in a pub, where students could relax with a drink and enjoy their surroundings, was an ingenious idea. I mean really, what better way is there to bring students together than some incredible art and a pint? 

Photo: Eleni Zervos

The amount of work dedicated to this event which takes place behind the scenes is more than people may think. Arts Society has a much more difficult time renting spaces in St Andrews, as managers and owners are too afraid to hang pictures on the walls of their establishment, as they may be ruined. Artist Ella Matza, the Events Coordinator of the Arts Society, stated that there takes a lot of planning and running around several weeks ahead of the event itself, as everything can be unpredictable when art is involved. However, the work paid off in the end, as this was by far one of the best art exhibits I have been to in St Andrews. 

It is widely agreed upon in St Andrews that there is a lack of appreciation towards 2-D art, and there are very few places which allow artists to showcase their work in our small, coastal town. For most, the Arts Society exhibit represents one of the few opportunities in St Andrews to showcase any and all pieces of work; whether it be an interpretive piece, such as an artist reading a poem, cutting off a strand of hair with a knife and burning it (which did happen), or a sketch in  notebook, this event was made by and for everyone. 

Photo: Eleni Zervos

Overall, the exhibition was an immense success. I have never seen, nor enjoyed, better artwork in St Andrews and I am certain to attend more events like these in the near future. As a student who has never personally taken to art, the Arts Society runs all-inclusive events for those in St Andrews who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the study of art in general. I am sincerely looking forward to the Arts Society events next year and implore students to take advantage of the effort committee members and artists alike put into exhibits. These are run for you to see and the art is created for you to interpret, so why not go and enjoy?

For those interested in art and would like to get in touch with the St Andrews Arts Society, you can contact them at [email protected] so please feel free to send an email if you have any questions or would like to run at their EGM in September. 

Photo: Eleni Zervos



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