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Starfields 2019: What to Wear

Don’t know what to wear to one of St Andrews biggest events during Freshers? Look no further.

When it comes to a festival like Starfields, casual is the way to go. Another important piece of advice that you need to keep in mind is to be comfortable. Dress in a way that makes you stand out yet in a manner in which it makes you feel good to be standing out. Starfields acts as somewhat of a outcast to the rest of the events that occur here in St Andrews in that it departs from the usual semi-formal and rigid attire to a territory more fun and colourful (literally!). For a festival defined by the diverse and the somewhat eccentric fashion choices of the students, do not be afraid to let your imagination run a little bit in the wild side and select your style according to the vibe that this event brings. Here are some ideas that you may find useful when mulling over what to wear:

  1. A statement piece: Focus your whole outfit towards one particular piece. A statement piece is tremendously important when it comes to standing out from a crowd especially for a festival such as starfields where everybody is looking for that extra bit of style to complement their fashion choice. From mirrored sunglasses that not only helps you gain a bit of a brighter look ( match that up with bright and bold printed shirts to practically GLOW) to bucket hats ( pull it off with something simple like a plain t-shirt, chino shorts and comfy pair of [waterproof] trainers), it goes a long way if you choose something that acts as a focal point for the rest of your outfit.

    Concrete Catwalk
  2. Keep in mind the weather: Scottish weather is often not too kind to outside activities like a music festival so keep in mind the possibility of rain while choosing what to wear. Especially your choice of footwear which can heavily impact the amount of fun you are having ( Nobody likes to have their brand new pair of white adidas shoes ruined), go for something comfortable (if you don’t already know, there is a lot of dancing involved ) and water proof ( you can never be too careful). Welly boots are an appropriate choice for rainy weather ( even perfect if it matches your outfit) while a good old pair of crop top sneakers is a default option that will last you the duration of the festival and enable you to dance to the fullest! The month of September marks the end of summer so take into consideration the dip in temperature. Of course, this might not be a priority especially considering that you will be attending a music festival but you can never go wrong with a leather jacket or any form of coat accompanying your outfit.

    Photo: Welly Ball
  3. “Frat Shoes” (as some Americans have loosely dubbed the term): These are better known shoes you aren’t afraid of getting absolutely destroyed.  Whether these are an old pair of trainers, a cheap pair of H&M shoes you bought solely to ruin, or even a trusty pair of boots, keep in mind that Starfields is an outdoor event and you’ll most likely be standing in grass and/or mud for the long haul (especially if it’s rainy).  Also don’t forget a nice pair of socks to keep your toes toasty in the Scottish weather!  It may only be September, but you really never know these days in the Bubble.

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  4. A jacket that you love and trust: Like we said, weather in St Andrews is unpredictable, so a good old jacket is a necessity, especially for an event like starfields.  Some trendy choices include a classic trench, a colourful 80s windbreaker, or a worn denim jacket you can customise with pins, badges, or patches.  When it gets hot in crowded places,  you can always take it off and wrap it around your waist or drape it over your shoulders.  We guarantee jackets look 100% cooler when you don’t wear them the conventional way.

    Ampersand Media
  5. Glitter and glow: Another instant way to add some pizzaz and sparkle to your Starfields getup is through glitter and some glow sticks.  You can purchase tubes of body glitter on Amazon or even at Boots.  There are even hypoallergenic options for those of you with sensitive skin, and some eco-friendly options, with glitter that is biodegradable for those of you who are conscious of the environment.  Glowsticks can also be purchased online or even at some stores in town, such as Paperchase.  Boots also carries glitter hairspray so spritz away and you’ll be ready to put the star in Starfields and dance the night away.

Well there you have it – a Stand-approved list of some things you can wear to one of St Andrews’ most eclectic and wild events. It might be a chaotic night, but what better way to show off your personal style and to start off Freshers 2019?



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