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What Exactly Are “Going Out Clothes”?

A little wisdom on what to wear on a night out

In my first year, I was completely unaware of the fact that there was such a thing as “going out clothes.”  Fortunately, I’ve come a long way since then, somehow landing myself the position of Fashion Editor for this very newspaper, and becoming the owner of an extensive collection of tube tops.
I realised that “going out clothes” were incredibly different from what I thought they were, and I had this realisation a little too late as I stood in 601 during Clan Warfare in first year, decked out in a wooly red jumper, jeans, and my Blundstones.  If I could go back and give first year me in Clan Warfare a hug, I would.
So, from third year me to you, here are my two cents on what to where while on a night out in St Andrews, if you are just as clueless as first year me was.
Basic Colours
Buying a few staple items in neutral colours are a good idea for a night out especially if you are rushing from one activity to the next, such as sports training straight to the pub.  Owning a few tops or short skirts in denim, black, white, or rust-coloured corduroy are easy to mix and match, and always look good on a whim.
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Tube Tops
A personal favourite of mine, I only learned to love them as a 2nd year.  Most are quite affordable, come in a variety of colours, styles and prints, and are comfortable in the sweaty atmosphere that is Club 601.  They can also be matched with either skirts or trousers, and dressed up or down.  If tube tops aren’t your thing, there are so many different styles of “going out” tops, whether they are flowy silk camisoles or bardot tops that show off your shoulders.
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Bottoms that fit just right
Try on different types of bottoms, whether it’s a skirt or different styles of trousers, such as flares, wide-legged jeans, or skinny jeans.  Know what fits you, and what type of cuts look best on your body shape.  In the long run, doing a little research and trying on different things is a blessing in disguise, because you’ll always know what looks best on you.  Being short, I always go for shorts above the knees or dark-coloured flares that make my legs look longer.
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A Little Bit of Sparkle
It is always a good idea to keep a bit of what I call “back-up glitter” in your wardrobe, or a statement piece.  For me, this comes in the form of a sequinned tube top and literal tubes of glitter, if I’m feeling extra snazzy. Sequins go well with neutral colours such as black or white, and can really add that extra bit of pizzaz on a night out.
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The Bigger the Hoop…
I received my first pair of hoops during freshers from one of my dearest friends who I stayed in halls with.  Those hoops have now become part of a collection of at least 5 pairs of hoops.  They’re my go-to earrings on a night out, and I like to switch them up between gold, silver, or different shapes.
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White Trainers
I know, white trainers seem a bit dangerous to wear on a night out. There is a high risk factor of them getting ruined in a split second, whether it’s because of spilled wine, getting stepped on, or (gasp) vomit.  But, there is always a fun backstory that goes into how your white trainers got ruined after a night out, and in my opinion, it gives them a bit of added character for your next night out.  I opt for a pair of classic Adidas Stan Smiths or platform Supergas to boogie the night away.
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A Trusty Jacket
Because this is St Andrews, no night out is complete without sensible outerwear you will inevitably discard when entering the Union and shove under a table or in the staircase.  I opt for a thick denim jacket that goes with everything, and on colder nights, a puffy red coat.  Just make sure whatever jacket you pick, you won’t be super devastated if you lose it.
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So there you have it – the wisdom of third year me that first year me wishes she had.  The idea of “going out clothes” no longer scares me, and hopefully my two cents will give you some inspiration for your next night out in the Bubble.



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