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Opening Ball 2019: What to Wear

With only a few days left to go, Maiah gives some advice on what to wear to Opening Ball

Opening Ball 2019 is quickly approaching this Saturday, and for many St Andrews students new and old, it is the highlight of the semester.  For those of you still unsure about what to sport to this perennial event in our favourite seaside town, keep reading!
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Jewel Tones
Opt for rich and vibrant jewel tones this season when selecting your dress or suit.  Jewel tones are the perfect colours to wear this fall, as they range from slightly warm to very cool tones.  Jewel tones have been popping up everywhere, with sites like Asos and even charity shops sporting gorgeous attire in amethyst purple, jade green, or deep ruby red.  Whether it’s a silky topaz-coloured dress or a classic sapphire-coloured suit, they are easy to incorporate into any formal outfit.  Save your glittery sequins for winter and your pastels for spring, because jewel tones are what you want to wear to this autumn’s formal events.
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Backless Dress
Say goodbye to the low, plunging necklines that were so popular (but were also a pain to deal with, whether it be through pulling up your top every 5 seconds or using an entire roll of fashion tape).  A backless dress or jumpsuit is the perfect alternative – you get to show off some skin without having a major wardrobe malfunction.
Source: Asos
Source: Asos
Statement Shoes
Our generation seems to be reaching more for the basics, clothes with simple lines and less decor.  Pair a clean-cut suit or simple maxi dress with some tasseled loafers, brightly coloured block-heels, or snake-skin print boots.  You can still be simple and classy for the ball, and dance the night away with some stunning footwear.
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A hue that was named Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, coral is the perfect colour that blends the last beautiful days of summer with the incoming hues of fall.  It comes in a variety of shades, and is the perfect pop of colour to incorporate into your outfit.  Coral accessories have been popping up, whether it’s statement earrings, silk scarves, or dainty necklaces.
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Leave the loud prints behind and for Opening Ball, opt for tiny prints that are oh-so-dainty and simple.  Tiny polka dots, miniature floral prints, and even fine-lined paisley prints look stunning on long evening dresses, ties, and pocket squares.  Remember, you’re the one wearing the print – not the other way around.
Source: tnfc
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