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Baubles, Barettes, & Hairbands (oh my!)

Rose tells us about the hair accessories making a welcome comeback this season

2019 is officially the year that hair accessories are making a comeback, think Cher Horowitz and the sparkly butterfly clips you used to wear in the 2000s.


Barrettes are making a definite comeback, and have been seen on the likes of Rihanna and numerous influencers. If you have cash to splash then Gucci does the best bejewelled barrettes, and you could give people major hair envy. However, if you don’t feel like spending over £300 on a hair clip (fair), then there are some cute alternatives on Urban Outfitters and Skinny Dip.


I think headbands are a saviour, because you can feel cute with your hair down but without the annoyance of it getting in your face (especially useful in windy St Andrews). They are having such a moment on the high street at the moment, with shops such as Topshop (Topshop headband pictured below) and H&M carrying a wide selection. If you are looking for more of an investment piece, then take a look in Anthropologie (arguably the best and most luxurious selection of headbands ever) or Oliver Bonas.

Photo: Rose Turner


Scrunchies have been back in style for a while now and they show no signs of going anywhere. This is because they are practical, cute and can double as wrist accessories in preparation for any future hair emergencies. You can get so many different varieties these days, from corduroy to silk, and the best thing is that they are available from almost anywhere. They are definitely the easiest and cheapest way to jump on the hair accessories bandwagon. The scrunchie pictured below is from Topshop, and is one of my favourite ways of adding a pop of colour to an outfit.

Photo: Rose Turner


Brands are really branching out in the headwear department lately, just take a look on the Pretty Little Thing website and you will see everything from patent berets to neon beanies. They are also the perfect accessory for the cold streets of St Andrews, helping to keep you warm and dry in the temperamental weather.


If you are looking for a unique and special hair accessory, then look no further than Tort Hairware. Their Instagram page shows off their enviable hair clips, grips and scrunchies in various pastels and prints. Check them out!  If you want to support a student brand, then check out DeMoo on Instagram! Their bands are ethically made and new styles are emerging all the time. Pictured below is the ‘Eliza’ band.

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